You want to retain the flexibility to reply to year-end appeals from local charities, respond quickly to a sudden environmental catastrophe or write a check to your favorite organization.  But your goal is to transition from random to strategic giving to increase the importance of your gifts.  If you want to better anticipate and plan for what you need, when you need it, contact VENTURE3PHILANTHROPY.

Families & Family Offices
As a member of a donor family you are part of a special set of relationships for giving well and giving together.  But each family is unique and has its own challenges and opportunities affecting your abilitiy as philanthropists.  You want to become better stewards of the precious gift of wealth you and your family has earned and been given.  You want to experience how philanthropy can enhance your quality of life and that of your children and subsequent generations, as well as your family’s most important causes and organizations.  If you need a plan or want to revisit your current giving strategy to increase its effectiveness in a quickly-changing world, contact VENTURE3PHILANTHROPY.

Legal & Financial/Investment Advisers
You work closely and frequently with your client on matters important to their financial and legal wellbeing – like a private CFO or General Counsel. You help your client with their financial priorities, and philanthropy is no different. You only trust their philanthropy interests to an individual with high integrity and a proven track record.  The health and vitality of your client relationship depends upon the quality of your referrals. You may have helped them assess the best legal structure for philanthropy activity but would welcome having a dedicated professional, with direct philanthropy experience. If you’d like a philanthropy advisor to take the lead in strategic giving planning, contact VENTURE3PHILANTHROPY today.

Family Foundations
You are forming a new family foundation and need a gifting strategy so you and your family can give, together.  You may be active donors but aren’t sure how best to structure your activity.  You need someone you can trust to provide philanthropy services to keep you and your family informed, and assistance facilitating family discussions for the philanthropic giving process.  You want to clarify the family’s values that drive your generosity and social spirit.  You would benefit from investing time early-on to update processes that will help family and community interactions.  If you want to focus on the social and community issues most important to you, where your family can offer others the greatest impact, contact VENTURE3PHILANTHROPY.

Corporate Foundations
You want to start a corporate giving program, already have one, or wish to transition to a more formal corporate foundation structure with a Board of Trustees for oversight.  You need to review your company’s true commitment to giving and community service in local, regional and global communities to increase your company’s brand presence, position and impact on stakeholders who matter most to your corporation’s success.  If you want to enhance your civic leadership or discover new paths to create larger social value and strengthen your corporate citizenship efforts, contact VENTURE3PHILANTHROPY.

Community Foundations
Your public foundation is fortunate to receive a wide variety of gifts from a broad base in your local community. You know it is important to remain high-standing in service to the common good, and be an open and transparent steward of the gifts you receive.  You are dedicated to growing the foundation’s endowment and fund balance to sustain support of the local community and its needs – it’s one of your highest priorities. Your Board of Directors governance policies and practices are inclusive and reflect the true diversity of your community.  If you want to insure grants are made to the most worthy non-profit organizations, which result in social outcomes with great impact, contact VENTURE3PHILANTHROPY.

Social Startups
You have been fortunate to generate great wealth over the past couple of decades, fueled by explosive growth in technology and tech-based businesses.  You now want to become actively involved in giving back to society.  You don’t want to “go-to-market” as a philanthropist using traditional models of the past – you want to “make a difference” via the ways in which you generated your wealth using innovative and technology-supported approaches.  You believe you have a new solution to an old social problem – an idea that could be a “game-changer” for the fieldIf you are willing to take a risk to create a new social business venture with creative and positive outcomes, contact VENTURE3PHILANTHROPY.

Venture Philanthropists
You prefer to apply the principles and practices of venture capitalism to the social sector, specifically creating long-term partnerships and strategic management assistance to augment and leverage your financial support.  You are more a social investor rather than donor or investor. You desire a higher level of active engagement in the organizations you support.   You care less about writing a check and more about lending your time, expertise, leadership and guidance. If you’d prefer to  closely monitor your investments as they take root in an organization to help insure it bears intended fruit, contact VENTURE3PHILANTHROPY.

Impact Investors
You see the effects of the Great Recession continue to linger, impacting the abilities of both the government sector and traditional charity to shore up the world’s gaps of both social and growing environmental needs.  You suspect the historical three-sector divisions of the public, private and non-profit are outdated and insufficient for freeing up social capital to affect large-scale social change – no longer restricted to just philanthropy to affect the social good.  You see a variety of investors from individuals and institutions in large-scale financial institutions, private foundations and private wealth managers – all with the same intention to place private capital into for-profit ventures whose mission is large-scale social improvement.  You expect a financial and a social return on investment on a portfolio of new opportunities by all investors.  You are not alone.  If you’d like to learn more or connect with several universities who are leading the dialogue and supporting new practices for these ventures, contact VENTURE3PHILANTHROPY.