We work with you and your organization to capitalize on our seasoned judgment and practical experience in exploring, discovering and planning your personal philanthropy strategy.  Your plan will reflect your values, vision, goals and desired outcomes so your philanthropy consistently achieves your specific objectives and represents what’s important to you or inherent in your organization’s founding mission.   Venture3Philanthropy will:

  • Help you and your advisers review your financial resources, and identify and assess your preferred philanthropic risk, reward and resources intended to create your social legacy.
  • Establish the plan, process, measurement and communications tools to insure your donor intentions and social-good objectives are fulfilled.
  • Represent you and your family among your non-profit partners and advisers through communications related to planning, gifting and stewarding your philanthropy.
  • Listen to you – and serve as a compassionate and empathetic advisor. We develop a professional and unique relationship with each client building trust and feeling comfortable confiding in matters related to philanthropy.

We regularly partner with donor or foundation legal counsel, financial and investment advisors to align, coordinate and leverage all related philanthropy and wealth-management advisory services for optimal client desired outcome.  All interactions are confidential and remain private. 

Philanthropic organizational life is exhilarating.  It is also very complex.  Effective organizations optimize the interface between their strategy and their organization’s people, process, systems and structure.

  • You know “what” has to get done in your organization but want to focus on the “how” and the quality of the working relationships among your Board.  You’d like to get the group offsite for a day, or a few days, to reflect and discern what matters most and how best to care for each other in the work.
  • Boards and Trustees volunteer to lead and govern but may be unsure how they can add the greatest value to their Foundation.
  • A new President has been hired and the Board wants to accelerate that person’s success in his or her first 100 days using an “on-boarding plan.”
  • The Executive Director wants to identify gaps in the current philanthropy strategic plan and determine if assumptions have changed based on the persistent recession, and what growth options best suit the available resources.
  • A Corporate Foundation leader perceives they operate on the periphery of the corporate culture and want to create a new approach for adding greater global value for their social efforts.
  • A new philanthropy strategy has just been completed and you realize it requires a new organizational design, with new staffing roles, to best implement the plan.

Each organization is unique and possesses its own culture and norms.  Venture3Philanthrophy listens, learns and partners to help you achieve loyalty among your stakeholders and deliver your best performance. 

You’re ready to get more engaged in addressing society’s challenges.  It’s getting more difficult to sit on the sidelines as the issues grow larger with each passing day.  You want to get more involved in creating solutions to the world’s problems – or at least affect some positive change in your own local community.  You ponder why there isn’t more effort made to encourage work across government, business and non-profit groups so the large and complex issues get the attention they deserve and create sustainable improvement.  Venture3 Philanthropy can connect you if:

  • You are a new donor who wants to better understand new forms of philanthropy available to help accomplish your and your family’s social impact objectives.
  • As an entrepreneur, you want to support specific social issues but are unclear about what approach is best.  You’ve had great success scaling your business start-up and now, with the blessing of a recent liquidity event, you want to get more involved in “giving back.”  You want to go-to-market as a philanthropist the same way you were successful in business, and want to learn more about the buzz around “impact investing.”
  • You would value having a partner to link you with other like-minded individuals committed to investing for both a social and financial return, and experimenting with new forms of philanthropy as part of your larger philanthropic portfolio.
  • You lead a long-standing and well-respected foundation or association but would benefit from the counsel of an outside expert to learn about the latest practices in philanthropy and its expansive growth.
  • You want help from an outside facilitator who is knowledgeable about philanthropy and has practical and proven experience in the field to lead a discussion with your Board on the topic of innovation.  The goal is to insure you are taking an ample risk/reward balance in your planning, providing for continued growth and support for your organization.