Specialty practice areas

We advise and partner with you or your clients to create a  “gift stewards of the public trust” philanthropy strategy for today, tomorrow and multiple generations. Venture3Philanthropy helps outline:

  • Overarching Goals
  • Expectations and Desired Outcomes
  • Values Engagement & Culture Discussion
  • Possible Strategic Choices
  • Philanthropy Financial and Investment Oversight Processes
  • Organizational Structure
  • Gift/Grants Implementation
  • Governance Policies and Practices
  • Giving Plan Design and Delivery
  • Stewardship Engagement & Measuring Outcomes
  • Legal Compliance Resources
  • Philanthropy Strategy Integration into Overall Financial Plan Resources

Working with Venture3Philanthropy, you can dream big and boldly to make your mark with your philanthropy resources:

  • Originate new, cross-sector community relationships or organizational social engagement programs
  • Improve upon or grow an existing program to reach more people
  • Assess the value of a current program that may have outlived its usefulness
  • Gain public recognition or organizational brand visibility and awareness for your organization’s latest gift
  • Engage new volunteer stakeholders to help grow and sustain your philanthropy
  • Foster and support open dialogue among your donors or provide new donor-services and support

There are many exciting and new ventures in the field of philanthropy available and readily accessible on the Internet and around the globe.  But you don’t have time to sort through all the options, or the resources of an established organization to support your interests.  Venture3Philanthropy can take the lead and help:

  • Assess, compile and customize a resources tool kit dedicated to producing new forms of innovative philanthropy and work with you to determine which, if any, are valuable to “beta test”
  • New donors learn early about options for gifting and need a partner to assemble options along the continuum from check-writing to impact investing for financial and social return
  • Individual investors join others to invest in a new for-profit social capital enterprise that has a mission of large-scale social change; and help identify options for joining a “portfolio” of investors
  • Foundations are increasing their Program-Related Investments (PRI’s) as part of and overall payout requirements, clarifying how this activity relates to other “grant-making.”