Venture expose

  • Designed a customized strategic planning process and guide for newly-formed family foundation and facilitated the engagement with multi-generational family members.
  • Working with the Donor’s Legal and Financial Advisors, constructed a Philanthropic Gift Agreement, Stewardship Plan and Donor Gift Intention Addendum for a multi-million gift, payable over several years to a nationally-recognized healthcare system.
  • Working with an organization’s Chairperson of the Board and President, designed a Board retreat focused on creating a plan for enhancing their collective value

“Great strategic thinker; can connect the dots of any challenge better than most and arrive at a new and innovative social solutions.”   Program Officer/Public Charity, Chicago, IL

“Our family and our new Foundation were stuck, swirling round and round with the non-profit we wanted to make a grant to and support in a meaningful way. We found great assistance in thinking through our gift intentions and designing a new strategy that not only clarified the desired outcomes but inspired us to increase our gift to the organization!”  Donors/Family Foundation, Chicago, IL

“We know what we will get when we work with Colleen – professionalism, follow-through and a quality outcome to our values and social interests.”  Board Chairman of Foundation, Grand Haven, MI

  • Trusting relationships developed with each client; custom-tailored to their philanthropy needs
  • Connecting clients and prospects to regional opportunities for impact investing
  • On-boarded a new President to accelerate their new leadership of a nationally-recognized public charity
  • Overseeing the gift launch communications plan and stewardship updates on behalf of donor clients